NordicWare Bundt Pans

THE NORDICWARE BUNDT PAN The “bundt pan” was first introduced during the 1950’s designed after the style of the German kuglehopf pan. Made out of cast aluminum, the word bund loosely translated means “a gathering”; thus, a bund cake...


Family Owned since 1946

The “bundt pan” was first introduced during the 1950’s designed after the style of the German kuglehopf pan. Made out of cast aluminum, the word bund loosely translated means “a gathering”; thus, a bund cake with its characteristic fluting design was the cake of choice for a gathering or a party. NordicWare, a family owned company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota created the pan and trademarked it, re-naming it the Bundt Pan. The NordicWare bundt pan is quite possibly the most famous baking mold in the world today.

NordicWare has been a family owned American manufacturer of kitchen products since 1946. They are a leading manufacturer of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and barbeque products. NordicWare is best known for its patented Bundt Pan; there are an estimated 60 million bundt cake pans in North American kitchens. The NordicWarebrand is synonymous for displaying quality, dependability and value in all their products.

The metal of choice for the NordicWare Bundt Pan is cast aluminium. Cast aluminium cookware can withstand high temperatures, requires minimal care and maintenance, and are available at a lower cost and offer reliable durability. Other positive features of cast aluminium are that it weighs considerably less than copper or cast iron, and, because aluminium is one of the best heat conductors it heats up quickly and retains the heat for even cooking.

At Cilantro The Cooks Shop we proudly carry a vast collection of unique, high quality, Nordicware Bundt Pans:

Nordic Ware Bundt Swirl Cake Pan

Made of cast aluminium for even baking and easy clean up. It has a non-stick inner coating for easy release. The classic swirl design gives a classic and elegant look to any cake.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Anniversary Bundt Pan

Re-released in celebration of NordicWare’s 65th Anniversary, it encompasses the original design with the signature fluting. The Anniversary bundt pan produces beautifully shaped cakes with fine detail and superior performance.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Butterfly Bundt Pan

Perfect for a birthday party, baby shower or summer garden party. Beautifully detailed and fun to decorate.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Castle Bundt Pan

With a 10-cup capacity and fine details, the castle shaped bundt pan is perfect for a theme birthday party.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Pirate Ship Bundt Pan

Another great theme party addition is the Pirate Ship shaped bundt pan. Wonderfully detailed and fun to decorate.

Nordic Ware Pro-Cast Locomotive Pan

For the train lover! Finely detailed locomotive engine  is fun for all ages.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Christmas Wreath Bundt Pan

With the holiday season fast approaching, create a beautiful centerpiece or festive treat for your family gathering.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Holiday Tree Bundt Pan

Another great choice for holiday baking is the Nordicware Holiday Trees bundt pan. Resembling a circular grouping of 8 pine trees with fantastic details; adding a generous dash of powdered sugar to emulate fresh fallen snow will create a presentation sure to impress your holiday guests.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Pumpkin Bundt Pan

This unique 2 cavity design makes a beautiful autumn centerpiece or Thanksgiving treat your guests will love.

Nordicware Platinum Collection Bundt Pan, 6 Cup

A smaller version of the classic fluted cake design, heat is evenly distributed resulting a perfectly baked beautifully shaped cake, perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Elegant Heart Bundt Pan

Perfect for any occasion, especially an anniversary, wedding shower or as a treat for your Valentine. The non-stick interior delivers a picture perfect cake every time.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Fancy Marianne Bundt Pan

With a detailed basked weave design on the sides and fruit design on the top, a unique “fancy” dessert is created. Comes with a well on the top to hold fruits, custard and other fillings; top with glazed fruits for a beautiful presentation.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Lemon Loaf Bundt Pan

With a detailed lemon motif, this pan is a great choice for tea cakes or citrus loaves.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Sea Shell Bundt Pan

Designed to make 23 amazing mini-cakes or candies in elegant seashell designs including; starfish, conque shells, sea horse, scallop shell and mollusks.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Ice Cream Cone Bundt Pan

A great treat for a summer party, this unique design creates six ice cream cone mini-cakes.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Filled Cupcake Bundt Pan

Easily create 6 delicious cupcakes with classic swirl design tops and fill with your favorite jelly, or custard.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Popover Bundt Pan

Popovers are a light, hollow roll made from egg batter, similar to Yorkshire Pudding. The name derives from the fact that the batter swells or “pops” over the top if the tin while baking. The NordicWare Popover pan makes perfect popovers every time.

Now that you have created a perfect bundt cake for your friends and family, make sure it is decorated perfectly as well! Cilantro The Cooks Shop carries a variety of decorating tools such as the Cuisipro Food Decorating Pen with tips in two sizes for thick or thin lines. Fill with jelly, honey, sauces or chocolate. Also, the Cuisipro Scoop and Sift for evenly and easily sprinkling icing sugar, cocoa or cinnamon. When icing your bundt cake, cut down on time and mess with the Fox Run Fabric Icing Bags or Disposable Icing Bags. The fabric bags are made of cotton and have a PVC lining, are reusable and washable and can be used with all types and sizes of icing tips. Disposable bags are biodegradable, and save time by eliminating clean up.

So whatever your occasion, NordicWare and Cilantro The Cooks Shop have the bundt pan you need!