CHROMA Haiku Santoku Knife 14 cm H-17

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    Chroma Japanese knives, the craftsmen of state of the art cutlery tools to appeal the preferences of pro chefs and cooking enthusiasts showcase a variety of products with unmatched quality and aesthetics.   

    The Haiku knives series from Chroma showcases a collection of extremely sharp knives, performing up to the marked performance in home and pro kitchens.   

    Designed for all tasks like slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, cutting and boning, the specialized tools are hand crafted with precision and original falcon emblem on each knife determines the originality of the product.   

    The basic Santoku knife, a must have for oriental and continental kitchens, is designed by Chroma with a pointed tip design and wide blade measuring 14 cm.

    Ideal for three main tasks, slicing, dicing and chopping, the well crafted molybdenum and vanadium blade is easy to rest upon board due to its rocker knife like out curved blade.

    The Chroma Haiku Santoku knife endures following features:   

    • Razor sharp blade measuring 14 cm is ideal and must have santoku for all pro kitchens
    • With out-curved blade and heavy blade design to match the preferences of European chef’s, knife is efficient is cutting, slicing and dicing neatly
    • Double beveled edges to accommodate both, left and right handed cooks
    • Right angled blade to the handle makes it extremely easy to use the knife with maximum edge utilization
    • Mirror finish sharp blade forged from high grade molybdenum and vanadium based modern steel
    • Hand crafted knife featuring extremely sharp and precise cutting edges, ideal for all manoeuvring and cutting techniques
    • Strikingly impressive & comfortable wooden finish handle made Honoki wood and meguki pin within for strength and longer shelf life
    • Wide bolster shaped handle ensures perfect grip & control, with reduced forearm fatigue
    • Limited lifetime warranty, subjected to care norms
    • Made in Japan

    Product Details:   

    • Weight: 91 gm
    • Dimensions: 38.1 x 8.9 x 2.5 cm
    • Material Used: High grade Molybdenum and vanadium based steel with wooden Honoki handle

    Tips for use:   

    • Not recommended for cutting through bones and another hard materials. Use cleavers for cutting bones
    • Hand-wash recommended with non-acidic dish washing soap for protecting the sharpness of the edges
    • Immediate rinsing and drying with absorbent cloth is required after use to prevent the edges from micro-corrosion, store neatly at a safe place
    • Only HAIKU whetstones should be used for sharpening & honing the steel blade, never use sharpening steel

    Packaging Information:   

    • Blade is covered finely in a black case with knife in place.